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    The V Town Derby Dames roller derby league is comprised of two teams: The Dames and The Darlings. The Dames are the league's charter team. The Dames play both home and away games. The Darlings are a team comprised of some veterans and skaters new to the sport.

    2019 Team Photo



     2018 Team Photo

    2018 Dames

    2018 Darlings

    2017 Team Photo

    2017 Dames

    2017 Darlings

     2016 Team Photo


    2016 Dames

    2016 Darlings 



    2015 Team Photo

     2015 Darlings



     2015 Dames                                                            



     Team Photo 2014 

    2013 Team Photo  


    2012 Team Photo 


     2011 Team Photo




    2010 Team Photo


    2009 Team Photo