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    Mission Statement


     Our mission is to give women the opportunity to compete at the highest level in a sport that promotes health, athleticism, courage and strength while also developing positive relationships and giving back to the community that they live in. V Town Derby Dames show heart by pushing one another through dedication, sacrifice and intensity.









    Vision Statement


     To continue allowing women of all walks of life the chance to be part of a family environment within our team and the community.  To be women of character and outstanding citizens within our community.  To be leaders taking charge of situations under pressure, showing the way through good examples.  Being humble and gracious on and off the track.




    We will not stand for nor tolerate slurs against race, sex, orientation or religion.

    We value the communities we live in; therefore, we give back by supporting various community projects and organizations.




    We are committed to bringing awareness to women’s competitive sports.






    We are committed to promoting self-confidence and an overall healthy lifestyle.



    Established in 2007