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    2019 Home Bout Schedule


    Skater Of The Week

    How many teams have a skater who has raced motorcycles, is a homeschool mom, and can tattoo like a rockstar? We do!!!! Her name is Lucky Eddie and she’s a crowd favorite.

    Lucky has been skating in the valley for years, 13 to be exact, but only recently joined her forever team. ❤️🖤

    How did you pick your name and number?
    My parents started calling me Lucky Eddie when I was 2 years old. Do I have a “real” name??

    Favorite food?
    Kombucha! It’s a drink, but whatevs...

    Who's your favorite superhero?
    Hello Kitty counts right???

    📸 by David Costa Photography



    Skater Of The Week

    This week we’d like to highlight one of our strongest skaters both on and off the track, Bad Juju. She has been skating since 2012 and is a blocker with our Dames. Here’s a few fun facts about her...

    How did you pick your name and number?
    I chose my name because I tend to be unlucky at times, and the lucky number 8 offsets the bad juju. Like a Yin and Yang.

    Do you have any pre-game rituals?
    I shave my legs.

    What is your profession?
    I work as a Registered Nurse. ❤️


    Let's Get The 2019 Season Rolling!!!


    Skater Of The Week

    We’d like to introduce you to our very own
    Jewelz BASHer #22. This is her 9th season on the track as a blocker.

    How did you pick your name and number?
    I have always been called “Jules” by friends and family and “BASHer” is very close to my maiden name. I wanted to make sure I would respond to my derby name, so I kept it close to my real (at the time) name. I chose number 22 because of my all-time favorite baseball player Will "The Thrill" Clark.

    Derby crushes/ heroes?
    My all-time favorite is Shaina Serelson formerly of Denver Mile High Club/ Rose City Rollers/VRDL for being a blocking beast. My local favorite is our very own Rita Villain of the V Town Derby Dames, she's the "Smarty Pants" of the Central Valley.

    Do you have any pre-game rituals?

    Do you have any hobbies besides derby?
    Taking selfies with my cat and MMA based workouts. I get the same rush when reversing someone on the mat as I do when hitting my opponent on the track.

    Favorite Movie?
    Pretty Woman ❤️🖤