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    More Derby Action Is Coming To Visalia! Get Your Tickets To Join Us!


    Meet Our Coach!!!

    We introduced you to our captain, Busty Chops, earlier this week. One more fun and unique fact about her, she’s hooking up with our coach. 😱 Well, she’s actually married to Coach Chris. This dynamic duo keeps this team going. Coach Chris puts up with us three times a week for practice and gets to travel with us on our road trips. He’s a brave and patient guy! He’s a huge part of our success and we love him! #vtownporvida ❤️🖤



    Skater Of The Week

    We’d like to introduce you to one of our O.G.’s... our team captain, Busty Chops #36D. Busty is one of the original members of the team, starting in 2007 when the team was created. She’s a huge part of our team’s success both on and off the track... and one of the smartest derby skaters around. Here’s some fun facts about her:

    How did you pick your name and number?
    It just came to me one day while threatening my husband. I’m gonna bust your chops. Oh my gosh! Busty Chops, genius!!

    Derby crushes/heroes?
    I’ve always loved watching Atomatrix skate.

    Did you skate before you joined derby?
    I grew up skating. My older cousins were artistic skater so I always had their hand-me-downs. My pre-school used to take us skating too!!

    Do you have any pre-game rituals?
    Um yeah!! Have to get a sandwich from Moe’s To Go (small #12 to be exact), usually shave my legs & sit in the sun for a bit (assuming the sun is out). I always wear the same sports bra, socks & bandana on game days too!

    Who's your favorite superhero?
    Do the Powerpuff Girls count?

    What is a weird fact about yourself?
    I nap almost every day. 😳


    We Are Gearing Up For A Double Header!!!